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My Occupation: life coach and consultant
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    Sunday, March 22, 2009 (17:00:07)
    Nama: Tuan Hassan Tn Lah@Abdullah (Tuan adalah satu gelaran yg hanya ada di Kelantan dan Terengganu)
    akronim: thtl
    Asal: Peringat Kelantan DN
    Umur:40 ++

    Nama pena: Sayyid Hassan Ilahi, salafi2sunnah (Fikrahnet mailing list), albaniasghar (Islahnet)

    Pendidikan: SDAR Seremban, Dip. (UiTM) Plantation Mgmt, BBA (Mgmt)(USA:Michigan) MBA (USA: Iowa) Mgmt

    Profesion (sekarang): Juruperunding Dalaman (Internal Consultant) utk Gergasi Telekomunikasi negara (GLC) - Mutukerja, Budaya Korporat dan Khidmat Pelanggan
    Kerjaya yang lepas: Pensyarah Kanan UiTM dan Pensyarah Kanan Universiti Telekom (sekarang Universiti Multimedia)
    kediaman: USJ, Subang Jaya, Selangor DE
    Isteri masih 1
    Anak2: 5 (Syaima, Asma, Ahmad Syamim, Samira, Abd Muhaymin)

    Liku2 Gerakan Islam: bermula dgn ikhwani dan sekarang bersama manhaj salafiyah

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    sorry for dropping my comments here,but i just wat to give a reply on the dictatorship.

    The omayyad eliminated Imam hussayn and his family in order to keep their power and reign guaranteed safe from any people whom they considered as dangerous..The abbasids also did the same to the omayyad rulers when they gained the power...They also created some wars in order to conquer other's land..

    Hitler,Musollini,stalin,Lenin,Napoleon also did the same...They did not only kill those who opposed them,but they also use war as a medium to conquer others land..These men whom we are always told as dictators,also contributed to the human history..they shape our history..if we only look at the bad side, of course we only see the destruction of civilizations which are caused by their hands.We all know that Napoleon,Hitler are considered as dictators,but the same as the muslim dynasties,these two men also created series of war to expand their territories..

    You said:
    posted by amirasy | Monday, December 20, 2010 (12:23:08)

    Bismillah Assalamualaikum

    wah..wah...mantop syeikh...hehe Great
    posted by Ad-Dien | Friday, October 21, 2011 (14:54:40)

    menziarah kali kedua ke laman peribadi syeikhul thtl...hehe..
    bila nak buat travelog? mau baca ni... Very Happy
    posted by Ad-Dien | Tuesday, November 08, 2011 (09:36:39)
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